The Potential of Digital Transformation

For us, the real challenge we face in the context of ever-increasing digitalisation is to embrace the opportunities it offers. The chance to use the current or expected opportunities of information technology to reinvent or adapt business models, products or processes.


The core elements of digital transformation:

  • Big Data: Huge and rapidly changing amounts of data place special demands on systems and data logic, but also offer a clear competitive advantage. The right information at the right time!

  • Artificial intelligence: Machines that make automated decisions, quickly and reliably. And that are constantly learning.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): "Things" communicate via the internet, with humans, but also with each other.

  • Automation: Software robots automate process steps, independently take over repetitive tasks and create free capacities for people to complete the many tasks that robots cannot help with.

Adaptable and easily scalable cloud solutions provide the technological basis for the interaction of these core elements of digital transformation.

In the SAP environment, the necessary basic architecture ist provided by SAP Business Technology Platform.


With its main focus on retail processes, consenso offers starting points for a digital transformation based on the SAP S/4HANA standard, including:

  • the empowerment of employees, e.g. by using the Analytics Cloud, through demand forecasts based on UDF (SAP Unified Demand Forecast), through anomaly detection

  • transformative applications such as our Price Engine for automated price and markdown management

  • the optimisation of operations, e.g. through data mining or RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • the development of a stable IT landscape based on a hybrid architecture with an interplay of on-premise and cloud components.

Furthermore, our S/4HANA@consenso value proposition offers a proven best-in-practice model for your digital transformation..

A brief, exemplary look at our solutions:

__consenso PriceEngine - Automated price and markdown management

consenso's PriceEngine is based on SAP S/4HANA technology and SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository). With the keywords value-added transformation, artificial intelligence and automation in mind, consenso has developed a tool for controlling price and markdown management. End-to-end from pricing to the POS solution SAP CCO.