GK OmniPOS implementation for Manufactum

25th May 2018

The Manufactum group is currently running three sales formats including Manufactum, Brot&Butter (bread & butter) and Magazine, each with different (client-server) POS solutions.

In future, the GK OmniPOS solution shall be used in all formats.

Manufactum is planning the system-supported extension of so-called omni-channel processes such as Click&Collect, Click&Reserve or WebOrder&StoreReturn, the adjustment of the existing SAP architecture and the optimisation of existing processes.

SAP PO as well as SAP CAR will be integrated in technical and procedural terms as new modules within the system architecture. Manufactum will equip its SAP Retail with some new technology like the EHP8 upgrade and the SAP HANA database. The POS hardware will be replaced by the latest components and expanded by mobile POS systems with WLAN components – and its brand-new look will finally suit the beautiful Manufactum stores perfectly.

In October 2017, the project was started with a discover phase in order to evaluate and verify the requirements related to the new hardware and software. In the course of eight workshops, the technology (i.a. architecture, interfaces, hardware) and processes (i.a. voucher by email, inventory information live from the CAR system) were harmonised.

The project focuses i.a. on the AppEnablement technology, enabling the transfer of app data into the direct transaction screen of the POS, for example, when paying mail order invoices. The open invoice is taken from SAP Retail and the invoice amount is transferred to the POS system for payment.

The integration of “new” topics and technologies as well as their coexistence with (optimised) “old” processes and interfaces has high priority within the project. The aim is to ensure transparency for the end-user, and finally, thanks to the latter’s work ability, offer the end-customer a positive shopping experience and individual handling. This is ensured by a high priority on the parameters maintainability and operation as well as the new technologies and paths of integration.

The project work clearly shows Manufactum’s open-mindedness towards novelty, thus leading regularly to excellent and constructive discussions.

In 2018, a pilot location in Germany and – upon start – a new location in Austria will go live with the new hardware and software for Manufactum, followed by the prompt rollout into all Manufactum stores as well as into the other sales models afterwards.


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