Innovation Management

For successful projects that turn ideas into innovations.

Changes require innovations!

This is where our understanding of innovation management comes in.

For decades, consenso has spoken up for changes in companies within projects. The transformation of processes, products and business models coming along with the introduction of systems is our business.

Innovations are successful investments. We do not feel responsible toward our customers for new ideas, but for successful projects turning ideas into innovations.

This applies to products that are increasingly and successfully extended by services or even reinvented in times of digitisation. And it applies to processes experiencing a different productivity and information intensity due to information systems. And it leads to completely new business models.

For example, we support customers in the development of an information architecture in order to be able to implement data-oriented services based on the platform. And we assist them in the realisation.

Our approach to innovation management clearly reaches beyond the common models. We are convinced that, in times of digitisation, innovation management must comprise three levels: strategy, architecture and project management.

In the realisation of IT strategies in general and new ideas in particular what counts are speed and result orientation. We do not only focus on the individual project, but we always reflect complete application architectures. There is no successful IT strategy without a clear picture of the as-is and to-be state of the architecture. With our established methods, consenso promotes the customers’ required agility and early visibility of new solutions, while at the same time ensuring the longest possible changeability. Only in this way sustainable solution approaches can be detected, and the benefit becomes instantly clear. Innovations are only sustainable, if not the change itself is paramount, but the handling of it.

This is our maxim: speed serves the success of the company. Implemented methods must be clearly subordinated to this in order not to hamper success as a formalised guideline.

consenso’s innovation management is i.a. supported by traditional creativity techniques, design thinking approaches, version- and prototype-oriented software implementation as well as agile project management.

Combined with our many years of experience, our pragmatic approach and our broad expertise, me are more than just your SAP service provider: we enable innovations.