“Some years ago, we engaged consenso to implement SCM APO. Following the successful project implementation, for consenso, it was a matter of course to transfer their knowhow to our employees. Since that time, we have been cooperating with consenso based on a coaching approach. This is our idea of cooperative partnership.

In consenso we have a partner at our side, even in phases beyond major projects.”



The origins of Lindt & Sprüngli lie in the two chocolate factories of Rudolf Sprüngli in Horgen and Rodolphe Lindt in Bern. In 1891, Rudolf Sprüngli Junior took over his father’s company. In 1899, he built the factory in Kilchberg and converted the company into a corporation. Soon, Chocolat Sprüngli AG took over the chocolate manufacturer Lindt including the patent for its conching process. From 1935 onwards, production in Germany was subject to licensing. It was only in 1988 that Lindt & Sprüngli took over the production in Germany themselves, and since that time they produce a large part of the internationally sold articles in Aachen. Both, the Lindt Goldhase and the Lindt Teddy were developed in Aachen and also Lindt’s young product line Hello has started its worldwide triumphal march from here.