“Together with consenso, we have successfully designed and implemented a global SAP-FSCM solution. Here, DB Schenker Logistics’ major objective was to execute standardised international rollouts into 68 countries. The worldwide solution implementation enables us to harmonise and make measurable the so far heterogeneous processes of the individual countries in the fields of cash collecting, invoice complaints and credit management.”



The forwarding company Schenker & Co. was founded by the Swiss Gottfried Schenker (1842-1901) together with Moritz Karpeles (1834-1903) and Moritz Hirsch (1839-1906) in Vienna in 1872. In 1997, the Schenker AG (corporation) was founded with its business divisions “Schenker Logistics”, Schenker International” and Schenker Eurocargo”. Following the takeover of the Swedish BTL AB, Goteborg in 1999, the company changed its name to “Schenker-BTL AG”. In 2002, Deutsche Bahn AG in turn took over the majority of Stinnes AG. In January 2006, Deutsche Bahn AG took over the forwarding company BAX Global. Due to this takeover Schenker has become one of the world’s leading logistics service providers. Measured in terms of the freight volume, Schenker is in the first position in European land transportation, in the second position in worldwide air freight and in the third position in worldwide sea freight.