“Take care of tomorrow today! This slogan represents the mission statement of the company Schönmackers. Today, we keep in mind the future and focus our activities accordingly. In consenso, we have a long-term partner at our side, who always supports our objectives in the SAP environment quickly and competently.”



In 1956, economy was booming, and Germany was destined to become a throwaway society. Between 1950 and 1961, household waste doubled, wild rubbish dumps began to sprout up like mushrooms. Consistent waste legislation did not exist, environmental protection was not yet an issue. However, Josefine and Theo Schönmackers stood up for clean conditions very early and founded their joint disposal company in Kempen.

In the meantime, the company has evolved into an experienced technology and system leader in the recycling economy in NRW. Until today, Schönmackers with its approx. 1,400 employees at 20 locations has been focusing on economic and ecological action as a central component of the corporate philosophy. After all, we take care of tomorrow today.