“Thanks to a very experienced and committed team, consenso enabled our smooth rollout in due time. The high level of competence of consenso’s employees made it possible to develop and implement our industry-specific processes and requirements in the field of logistics and financial accounting without any disturbances.”



Tyczka Totalgaz emerged from the predecessor company Georg Tyczka KA in Geretsried. It was founded as a joint venture between Tyczka Group and TOTAL Deutschland in 2002. Both shareholders hold 50% of the company shares. In 2003, the enterprise was merged with the company Tyczka Minol. In the year 2005, Tyczka Totalgaz and the Valentin group founded the joint venture “Valentin Flüssiggas”. In 2010, the enterprise took over the bottled gas segment from Primagas as well as the remaining 50% shares of Valentin Flüssiggas. Both companies have been merged into Tyczka Totalgaz.