Starting shot for your transformation:
consenso’s ReadinessCheck for SAP S/4HANA


As part of your consenso ReadinessCheck, we check and analyse your SAP ERP system and then transparently present the measures required to ensure that your change to SAP S/4HANA is a success. The ideal introduction to a calculable transformation, free of charge for you in phase 1!

In a time frame of approx. three weeks, we go through the following steps in phase 1:

  • Preliminary coordination with the consenso experts
  • Technical preparation of the consenso ReadinessCheck for S/4HANA and subsequent implementation
  • Analysis and evaluation with regard to functional changes and simplifications of data model and processes (Simplification Item Catalogue)
  • Analysis and evaluation of customer development objects with regard to necessary adjustments for S/4HANA compatibility
  • Development of recommendations and derivation of measures for your transformation
  • Presentation of the results as a basis for your further steps on the way to the SAP S/4HANA world

We use the following tools to carry out the consenso ReadinessCheck:


Illustration: SAP Readiness Check
Illustration: SAP Readiness Check
  • SAP Readiness Check, a free, Fiori-based web application from SAP that enables a quick and holistic analysis of your existing system and thus supports the development of a transformation recommendation; we enrich the result with customer-specific recommendations and assessments by consenso consultants.
  • Fiori Application Custom Code Migration or alternatively ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) for evaluating your customer development objects
  • Software Update Managers (SUM) for the evaluation of your AddOns

With the consenso ReadinessCheck we lay the foundation. Based on this, and scaled according to your strategy and goals, we can plan and take the next steps of your transformation – from a simple HANA migration to a complex S/4HANA transformation project.

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