Our digitisation framework with our own transformation methodology


Based on the content levels of strategy, process, application and infrastructure, which are crucial for the success of every SAP project, we structure the transformation of your SAP ERP system to S/4HANA in up to three phases:

  • We check the transformability in the sense of a status quo of your current system with regard to a possible transformation to S/4HANA as part of our consenso ReadinessChecks - without obligation and free of charge for you.
  • In the following step, we develop your transformation target together. Within the framework of a S/4HANA pre-project, we will find answers to fundamental questions, for example, based on the findings of your ReadinessCheck:
    • What are your strategic guard rails and – derived from them – what are the goals of your transformation?
    • What benefits – qualitative and quantitative – can be generated?
    • Who are your stakeholders, who are the participants in your transformation project?
    • What changes will result from the transformation and how can the necessary change process be accompanied?
    • How will the project be structured; how will it proceed?
    • What is the rough project planning and what is the project scope, both in terms of time and budget?
  • We have thus created the basis for the actual Transformation. In your SAP S/4 implementation project, we implement what was defined and planned in the preliminary project and thus realise your successful entry into the SAP S/4HANA world.


Your advantages with S/4HANA@consenso:

    • The consenso ReadinessCheck offers you an evaluation of your customer developments for the purpose of adapting them to S/4HANA – including prioritisation and an initial cost estimate.
    • In order to be able to implement the adaptations to S/4HANA parallel to the daily operation of your productive system (bug fixing, further developments, etc.), we set up a consenso project system as a copy of the customer system (parallel track).
    • We regularly take over production transports from day-to-day operations from the production to the parallel track, manually or automatically on the basis of Retrofit (Solution Manager).
    • In the go-live, we coordinate, compile and transfer the S/4HANA transports from the parallel track to the productive system and support this as part of the subsequent hypercare.
    • For S/HANA customer adaptations, we use consenso and SAP quickfixes.

You benefit from...

      • our know-how transfer to your internal employees
      • the introduction of custom code lifecycle management – naturally also including know-how transfer
      • the comprehensive evaluation of customer developments to optimise performance, quality and reusability